63mm metal grinder


Ultimate control over your grind – outontrip herb kibbler feature razor sharp teeth that shred and fluff your herb with easily, while our precisely sized hole pattern ensures a consistent, good grind You will mash using this grinder, diameter 5 cms Incredible merits at an exceptional value – hard anodized aluminium ensures long-lasting immovability
Non-stick nylon ring ensures sleek grinding and prevents metal-on-metal contact and relic build-up avert junior zinc-alloy kibbler.

Redesigned pollen chamber – our micron board sifts pollen to get the optimal catch and our rounded base chamber ensures you get all the pollen you won’t leave any pollen behind with this herb grinder
Secure magnetic lid – powerful magnets in the lid enable quick loading and secures your drug when milling
While the threaded less chambers stop spillage, and lay your ground drug contained until ready.


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