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Having a good quality herb grinder is your essential first step to the best all-around smoking experience.

The grinder lets you break your larger herb pieces into smaller ones to roll into cones or wraps.

Grinder means crushed herbs, uneven ground and broken grinder teeth.

Using a sub-par grinder can be bad. Pizza cutter, using your hands, and ending up with a mess of half-ground, crushed herb that doesn’t burn properly. Low quality grinders are wasting your time, money and herbs. It’s a good idea to invest in a quality grinder. Your herbs last extra days!

If you’re in the market for the best all-in-one, portable herb grinder that can also store produce on the go, look no further than the HEMPER Keeper™.

The Keeper™ is the market’s first portable grinder with two storage compartments, so you can store your ready-to-piece herbs separately from your pre-existing ingredients. No need to waste time picking your underground herb from the ground; The HEMPER Keeper™ keeps them separate for easy resolving on the go.

The top of the Keeper™ features a removable grinder that has sharp teeth for a fluffy, simple grind. Rest assured that crushed buds or large chunks are a stich of the past with the HEMPER Keeper™! The Keeper™ saves you time by powering via even big amounts of herb with ease, even resulting in a great chafe for all your smoking needs.

The Keeper™ features highly lasting teeth which implement they live sharper, for longer, stable providing that common exceptional ground product all time.

The Hemper Keeper™ was designed to be taken anywhere you go with the bonus removable tether cap. It’s flexible, so you can attach your Hemper Keeper™ to wherever you’d like! Clip the Keeper™ onto your bag, your belt, even your keychain!

The Keeper™ is also smell-proof and water-resistant, building it perfect for traveling or camping, or even just for your daily grate! Grind and shop on the go, whenever, wherever.


Your HEMPER Keeper™ is so easy-to-use and provides such a sleek grind that you’ll never look back!


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